Acupuncture – A favourable solution for sleeping disorders

Do you experience difficulties when falling asleep? Do you feel tired, tense, lazy, or do you sometimes have delayed reactions, get distracted or just experience migraines or headaches? Then you are most probably are experiencing insomnia.

Does it happen that you wake up in the middle of the night to gasp for air? Is your partner constantly complaining due to your loud snoring? Well, if this happens while you wake up in the morning more tired than when you went to bed, you are suffering from sleep apnea.

Watch out, because if these symptoms persist for a longer period of time, it can lead to a severe mental illness called Schizophrenia!

The usual treatment of sleeping disorders:
The usual way of treating such sleeping disorders is mostly by using medication prescribed by doctors.

Medication seems to work…for a while. There are also side effects to it: memory problems, morning drowsiness, changes in appetite, migraines/headaches, heartburn, shaking, stomach problems, alterations in testosterone and menstrual cycles. They can even interfere with your sleep and can cause severe addiction (eg. zaleplon and benzodiazepines)! You will also need more and more pills because your body builds a tolerance for them! Some people try to stop using them for a while so as to have a “rebound effect”. This makes insomnia come back worse than ever. I recommend you instruct with your physician about these medications and hopefully, he will recommend you to stop wasting your money on useless medication.

Medication does not address the real problem. The real problem is your response to stress. The better you respond to it, the better sleep, the better the performance and the better overall well-being you enjoy. Medication will never help you with your sleep, anxiety or depression. Your response to stress remains the same. You can definitely argue that medication for sleeping is just a distraction from what you really need. So, instead of reaching your 70s and having a bag of all the meds and supplements that exist while having attended tons of pointless individual sessions of group therapy, you could start focusing on what is really important. That is, relying on your own, inner resources to combat stress!

Acupuncture – the best friend of your inner mechanism

Acupuncture is a natural treatment which originated in China about 3000 years ago. It’s believed that sharpened bones and stones were used as acupuncture tools around 6000 BCE. The main idea of acupuncture is to channel the energy flow within the human body so as to restore balance and health. This is done by strategically inserting needles along 14 meridians in your body. Don’t worry, it will not hurt! It usually gives a sensation similar to a slight pinch. This pinch which rebalances your energy flow by removing blockages and allowing energy to flow naturally. This energy flow is called “qi” and pronounced “chee”.

This natural treatment is often used to treat sleep disorders like insomnia and sleep apnea and also feelings of stress and anxiety which usually interfere with sleep. It cures sleep apnea by stimulating the muscles and tissues of the blocked breathing airways. It strengthens them so as to not collapse during sleep anymore. The upside? Your partner will start considering to make you dinner!

Acupuncture also removes anxiety, stimulates melatonin production and improves both nocturnal sleep and daytime functioning. Acupuncture ensures this by naturally stimulating your body’s pain relief functions and increases your blood flow. Thus, there are quite a lot of benefits from acupuncture besides restoring your normal sleep-wake cycle and removing stress and anxiety. You will have more energy and mental clarity. No more headaches and no more digestion problems. You will also be more fertile and your allergies are going to slowly vanish!

After a session of acupuncture, you usually feel a blissful state. This ecstasy-like feeling is called “acu land”. This acu land is the place where your nightmares and sleeping disorders have no more power.

The effects from the “acu land” can last over days, weeks and even months. Although acupuncture doesn’t ensure a permanent fix of problems, it is definitely one of the greatest catalysts to guide you towards the right lifestyle. Consider implementing herbal treatments, especially traditional Chinese herbs, into your lifestyle. They can work wonders for your overall health when they are complemented by an acupuncture treatment program.

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Stay blissful and responsible!

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Acupuncture – Your first try

Everyone suffers from pain. It’s debilitating and life-altering and can wreak havoc on your life. Daily tasks become unbearable and your focus gets lost. Rings any bells? Then, you might want to learn more about acupuncture as it is one of the best treatments against pain out there.
It is important that you go to an acupuncture session with a clear problem that you’d like to solve in mind. The specialist will have to arrange those needles that seem scary (you can barely feel them) in accordance with your pains. The more specific, the less sessions needed to recover (even none!).
Don’t expect that your pain will evaporate during or immediately after the session. Remain patient and keep in mind that for others it takes some more treatments before the pain completely goes away. The time needed for complete healing depends on yourself. The more you feed your nasty patterns that brought the pain in the first place, the slower (possibly eternal) will be the process of your rejuvenation. Try to take care of your body. Practice daily physical and breathing exercises, try (intermittent) fasting, learn stretching techniques/yoga, and, as a last resort, be kind and generous to everyone around you!
Do not drink coffee before an acupuncture session (at least 2h). Coffee stimulates you in direct opposition to what acupuncture offers. Also, your heart rate will be altered and the acupuncturist won’t be able to get an accurate pulse from you.
Find a trusting practitioner so that you’ll soon be able to regain your focus and live a fulfilling life. Before you receive your treatment, make sure that your acupuncturist will receive your medical insurance.


Acupuncture solves the energy distribution of the body that normally causes weight gain. The Chinese consider that obesity is caused by the disruption of energy flow in the body. This results to malfunctioning of certain organs such as kidney, spleen and digestive system. This disruption affects hypothalamus, a part of the brain. Hypothalamus controls the rate of hunger and thirst of the body. These disruptions of energy impact negatively on fat accumulation, water retention and stress development. Those are the main catalysts to our extra pounds weight.
Acupuncture increases metabolism, improves cholesterol levels and functioning of intestines while balancing the cortisol levels. It helps suppress appetite, thereby keeping you full all the time. Some people gain weight due to stress. Thus, researchers recommend that acupuncture treatments should be paired with other healthy lifestyle choices like portion control, healthy foods and regular physical activity.

Balance Cortisol, Insulin and Estrogen to achieve optimum health and anti-aging benefits
Body uses cortisol as no.1 anti-inflammatory hormone. Cortisol, the stress hormone, is high in the morning because at night when you’re sleeping your body is releasing the growth hormone. The body is trying to repair itself. Your brain is extra busy trying to file all that cool data you have from the day before and really making your life beautiful and magic. Cortisol comes up in the morning and he’s like: time to wake up, let’s start kicking ass! Cortisol is high in the morning and as the day goes on he starts to taper off. That’s when melatonin comes in. It is what down-regulates cortisol – makes you feel sleepy. You start to sleep like a queen/king and the anti-inflammatory process starts with the use of cortisol. Until Cortisol has done its job, all the other hormones in the body are subservient to it: When is cortisol going to finish?! If there’s not enough cortisol the body’s hormones can’t become active. If there’s too much cortisol, they also can’t become active. When cortisol is balanced all your sex hormones just thrive – you have virility, longevity, etc.
This is what acupuncture does. It is one of the best ways to recover from adrenal fatigue. Adrenal glands produce a variety of hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. Thus, a balanced level of cortisol will be produced by acupuncture.
Acupuncture also regulates your insulin levels. Thus, it promotes autophagy (getting rid of damaged cells, toxins and waste from cells) by resetting your insulin sensitivity.
Estrogen imbalances are caused by toxins. Birth control dysregulates estrogen. If you’re drinking plastics all the time, phthalates can disrupt estrogen. Anything that mimics any substances that are endocrine disrupting dysregulate estrogen. These toxins bind on the same receptor site on the cell and once those toxins are bound there, then the cell is calling for estrogen, estrogen gets released (usually from the ovaries), but estrogen can’t make it into the cell due to toxins. So estrogen goes into fat cell. Cell keeps calling for estrogen. Cortisol gets mad. Cortisol stimulate thyroid. Women get hot. They get these menopausal hot flashes because estrogen doesn’t know where to go. If you’re menopausal. Get rid of toxins so that estrogen knows where to go! Acupuncture helps get rid of toxins from your cells.
If you can balance these three hormones (Cortisol, Insulin, Estrogen) you will burn fat and will live a longer life. They turn off aging hormones. Once they are turned off, the growth hormone and glucagon kick in and your body really starts repairing itself.

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